Live Experience

Easily broadcast live-stream events and schedule rebroadcasts.

Your all-in-one live event platform.

The Nomad Live Experience provides an easy-to-operate solution for capturing, managing, and distributing live events such as concerts, solo artists, speakers, conferences, or any event that needs to be readily available online. Powered by the Nomad platform, and built on Amazon Web Services, the Live Experience platform can handle an unlimited number of simultaneous viewers, with both secure login and open public options available.


Automatically convert live video into video-on-demand (VOD), manage scheduling, incorporate social interaction, interface with ticketing providers, provide VOD closed captioning in 40+ languages, and use many other advanced Live Experience features to optimize the live online event experience.


The Nomad platform is a full-featured media management and distribution solution that simplifies live streaming and video-on-demand communications. Nomad provides a broad range of video source compatibility, from internet-enabled cameras, to dedicated on-prem video equipment such as the Amazon Elemental Link. Nomad can even ingest saved meeting recordings from Zoom and other services into AWS S3, creating a unified platform for companies to store and manage their streamed content.


Nomad’s Live Control dashboard  automatically recognizes new inputs to your AWS account. Channels can be set up quickly for “One Click to Broadcast” control, making transcoding and packaging video for distribution a time-saving task instead of a time-consuming one. Audiences can use Nomad’s Live Experience portal to view any live or video-on-demand content made available in channels.


No matter your video content needs, Nomad has a solution to stream it to your audiences.

Making Streaming Easy

Typically, video live streaming requires complex on-prem communications equipment and skilled technical personnel to successfully produce quality work, leaving many organizations without the support they need to utilize live streaming services.


But with Nomad’s Live Experience, video creation and live streaming is made easy.

Nomad Dashboard


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Any Internet-enabled camera

Automatic input recognition

One Click To Broadcast


Mobile Friendly

Simple Player Controls

Automatic Video Quality Control

Fast Deployment

Branded Interface

Custom Branded UI/UX

Custom Profile Picture

Custom Banner Image

Custom Color Scheme

Custom Branded Player

Administrative Features

Administrative Controls & User Permissions

Approve Guest Contributors to Share Videos

Single Sign On (SSO)

Analytics & Reporting

Theme Support

Livestream & Video Management

Create Custom Live-Stream Channels

Create Custom Stored Video Channels

Add Live Streams and Stored Video to the Same Channel

Supports Multipe Video Formats

Easily Create Schedule for Live Streams and Stored Videos to Play In Channels

Add Pre- and Post- Roll Assets to Live or VOD Streams

Special Features

Social Engagement Features Supporting Comments and Emojis

Pin Popular or Important Comments From Audiences

Integrations with 3rd Party Authorization Processes and Ticketing Companies

Share Channels to Other Platforms -- YouTube, Facebook Live, Organizational Platforms, Syndication websites.

Amazon CloudFront ‘s World-Class Distribution Network Reaches Audiences Worldwide.

S3 Glacier Archive Integration for Maximum Cost Saving for Archived Assets.

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