Nomad and Amazon CloudFront

Using Nomad to leverage Amazon's world-class CDN

Amazon CloudFront provides world-class power

Amazon delivers your content world-wide via Amazon CloudFront, Amazon’s high-speed, low-latency Content Delivery Network (CDN). CloudFront has well over 300 edge locations across the globe and peers with thousands of Tier 1/2/3 telecom carriers globally through Amazon’s fully-redundant, parallel 100Gbe fiber backbone.

Nomad connects your content to the world with Amazon CloudFront

Nomad ships preconfigured to serve your media distributions through CloudFront to your viewers. Nomad and Cloudfront work together to distribute many kinds of media, from streaming and on-demand video and audio files to documents and API-driven data transfers.

Nomad and the AWS CloudFront Ready Partner Service Designation

AWS created the Amazon CloudFront Ready Service Partner designation to distinguish companies that are qualified to use CloudFront to deliver top performance on the AWS infrastructure. Nomad is proud to have earned the Amazon CloudFront Ready designation for our flagship Nomad Platform product. Being CloudFront Ready certifies that the Nomad Platform is fully able to leverage the power of Amazon CloudFront  to deliver value to customers.

Pre-Optimized for Performance and Security

Nomad ships with Amazon CloudFront configured for maximum effectiveness at minimal cost. At installation, Nomad configures your CloudFront service for both performance and security according to AWS best practices. Advanced caching parameters, dedicated S3 Origin Access Identity users and AWS Lambda@Edge are all employed to ensure your CloudFront service delivers the value you expect.

Customizable To Your Requirements

AWS offers many advanced services and capabilities to help meet your advanced content distribution, security and audit requirements. Nomad is happy to work with you to clearly define your requirements and configure your Nomad installation to employ the appropriate AWS services to fulfill them in the most performant and cost-effective manner.

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