On Demand Experience

Streaming Solution on AWS

Customers have media libraries of content that they want to make available in a compelling on demand streaming experience that is already built and pre-integrated with their existing catalogs.


Organizations need a world class video experience to compete with the Netflixes and Amazon Primes of the world. Also, this experience needs to be tailored for an organization’s brand and customized to their specific user experience.

Managing content in on-demand services can be complex and resource intensive to keep organized and up to date. A competitive on-demand service requires frequent updates to match the rapid velocity of new innovations and features introduced by the major streaming services. This requires significant investment in highly skilled teams of product designers and developers.


The Nomad On Demand Experience provides a world class streaming video experience available “out of the box”. It is fully brandable to incorporate a customer’s logos and colors.

In addition, it has configuration options to enable the user experience to be tailored to a customer’s specific needs. It is pre integrated with Nomad’s CMS for rapid deployment of the On Demand Experience powered by existing Nomad content catalog. Coupled with a robust roadmap, regular updates enable new features and industry innovations to be incorporated.


End to end on demand streaming solution

Decrease time to deploy on demand video service

Migrate legacy OTT platform to latest tech

Cloud-based content and asset management

Intelligent discovery and organization of legacy content

Common Use Cases

Movie and TV content

Music concerts

Sporting Events


Corporate Portals

Educational Platforms

Common Challenges

Providing a world class streaming video experience

Tailoring for a customer’s brand and user experience

Managing can be complex and costly

Continual innovation and feature updates required

Highly skilled design and tech teams required to build

Migration from existing OTT portal system

Nomad Solutions

World class video experience available “out of the box”

Brandable to incorporate customer logos and colors

Configure to customer’s user experience

Pre integrated Nomad catalogs for rapid launch

Regular releases to incorporate new features

Nomad Benefits

All-in-one user-friendly interface for all content and asset management

Enterprise scalability and reliability on-demand

Rich discovery and deep search of all content and assets

AI-powered tagging, metadata enrichment, and object recognition capabilities

Long-term storage and operational cost savings

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