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Advancing how Public Safety agencies manage video and live streaming.

Public Safety operations have limited ways to view live-video streams of first-responder situations. Command Centers need real-time video, with agency interoperability, and the means to ensure a chain of custody for evidentiary purposes.

Exponential video content from drones, smartphones, and first-responder body cameras requires increased processing requirements and the ability to quickly search and locate important media files.

NOMAD, built on AWS, allows you to easily manage, stream and analyze your video content and live feeds, securely and cost-effectively.

Customer Success Story | San Diego County Sheriff's Department Case Study

Advancing how Public Safety agencies manage live remote streaming

About San Diego County Sheriff

The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department (SDSD) was established in 1850. It is the primary and largest law enforcement agency in San Diego County, California, and one of the largest sheriff’s departments in the United States: with over 4,000 employees, an annual budget of over $960 million, and a service area over 4,500 square miles, extending to a 60-mile international border.

The SDSD provides general law enforcement and public safety services to all unincorporated areas of the county (traffic enforcement, accidents, and other traffic related issues are handled by the California Highway Patrol).

The Challenge

The customer’s current remote streaming had a limited viewing experience, and delayed time-to-action, with constrained live streaming operations and management. There was a lack of secure remote viewing and ultra low-latency support. There was also a lack of high scalability, reliability, and of secure sharing of live feeds. 


Using Nomad, SD Sheriff was able to implement a cloud-based solution for Live Drone Operations within a Secure Remote Command Center. Leveraging new technologies such as WebRTC and AWS Cloud, the solution provided ultra-low latency monitoring of their Remotely Piloted Aircraft feeds through a web-based remote command center, allowing for secure viewing of real-time live feeds, and secure sharing with other agencies.


  • Seamless live-streaming of remotely operated drone feeds

  • Ultra-low latency live-streaming with WebRTC

  • Highly secure remote viewing and sharing

  • Simple operational support for managing live-feeds from the field

  • Increased flexibility and reliability

  • Increased situational awareness

  • Reduced operational overhead


Public Safety
Courts and Townhalls
Public and Constituent Relations
Traffic Cameras
Presentation Capture
Law Enforcement Cameras
Internal version of "YouTube" like experience
Infrastructure Inspections


Fundamental shift from central command to decentralized command model
Limited viewing expereince
There’s more video now than ever
Delayed time-to-action
Interagency cooperation becoming more critical
Constrained video operations  
Transparency through access to the video content
Search availability  


Simple viewing experience of video streams

  • Command and remote users can easily see what’s going on in the field in real-time
  • Unified device environments and capabilities
  • Consistent user interface
Immediate time-to-action  
  • Near real-time between live moment and viewing the video stream
  • Remote location viewing—virtual security operations center
  • Agency interoperability


Effective video operations

  • Robust security control, and “chain of custody” for video
  • Automated tagging and annotation of video
  • Integrated video archiving
Intelligent searching and discovery of content

  • Easily search and find video content
Device and Camera Agnostic, and Manufacturer Interoperability
Public safety officer with tablet


Feature Benefits

Highly secure
Support unlimited number of remote users and viewers
Virtually unlimited number of cameras
Easily search and discover live feeds and recorded video
Centrally organize and manage access
Tagging, labeling, and annotations
Automatic video archiving capability for long-term access
Auto transcription capabilities
Auto translation capabilities
Comprehensive camera manufacturer support

Technical Benefits

Professional Services support for custom integrations
Extensive integration capabilities
Integration with customer’s existing SSO infrastructure (Okta, Active Directory)
Fully customizable user experience
High availability
Highly scalabile
High durability
Instant access to our newest technology
Fully managed infrastructure
World-class engineering team innovating on your behalf


Built on AWS technology, NOMAD provides your Command Center and Virtual Security Operations Center the ability to efficiently watch live-video streams from the field in near real-time with agency interoperability.


NOMAD and AWS offer a solution that is centrally managed but securely accessible from any remote location. Device agnostic, with comprehensive camera manufacturer support.

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