Live Control

Cloud-Based Live Streaming Video Management Platform

Companies of all sizes have been using video for live events for many years, but the demands of coordinating these live broadcasts along with rapidly having to produce on-demand content immediately after have put more and more strain on live event production teams.


Live event teams often wrestle with the complexity setting up live
channels for these broadcasts as it can require a great deal of configuration. This is especially challenging to set up at a live event just before it starts as they will be multi tasking with many pieces of equipment and coordinating with a team of people: there just needs to be a big “easy” button to start and stop the broadcast. Often live events require markers and tagging to occur as they progress to ensure rapid on-demand clip generation as soon as the event ends.


The Nomad Live Control console provides a mobile optimized user experience for easy one-handed use on a phone for multi-tasking environments. Pre-define live inputs, pre/post-rolls, tags and other configurations ahead of time so the live operator only needs to focus on the live event.

Live Control allows for easy starting and stopping of the event broadcast through a 1-click user experience. Segments can be added as the broadcast progresses with tags and related content for rapid creation of on-demand clips as soon as the live broadcast ends.


Mobile-optimized live management console

Streamline live event workflow

Live-to-VOD Conversion

Post Live Stream Video Management

Common Use Cases

Music Concerts

Sporting Events

Courts & Townhalls

Remote Live-Feed Broadcasts

Virtual Convention Events

Company Announcements

Training Presentations and Webinars

Common Challenges

Complexity setting up live channels on location

Multi tasking with equipment at event

Coordinating with a team of people and needing an easy way to control broadcast

Marking and tagging as event progresses to generate on-demand clips

Public access to event for compliance reasons

Nomad Solutions

Mobile optimized for easy one-handed use on a phone

Pre-define live event configuration

Easy start and stop event broadcast through 1-click user experience

Add segments as broadcast progresses for rapid creation of on-demand clips

Nomad Benefits

Offload live and video-on-demand support labor and costs

One interface for all live video management

Serve audiences with a secure and branded web portal

Save and distribute any live recording stream

Discovery and deep search of all usable

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