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Our AWS Media and Entertainment Competency Designation

Amazon has created the Amazon Web Services Media and Entertainment (M&E) Competency designation to highlight companies that can deliver media-focused solutions on the AWS platform. Nomad Media’s flagship product, the Nomad Platform, aligns the power of the AWS Cloud’s media and entertainment services with customers’ needs to transform their M&E capabilities.

Nomad Media has now qualified for and was awarded the Media and Entertainment (M&E) Competency designation by AWS.  This Competency demonstrates that Nomad meets AWS’ high bar for excellence in delivering solutions to AWS customers.

Nomad Media and Entertainment Industry News

Nomad Media’s flagship product, the Nomad Platform, is designed to provide a high-value experience for Media and Entertainment industries. Here are some examples of helping customers understand the benefits of using the Nomad Platform to realize their potential to those markets.

The Nomad Platform Cloud-Enables Graham Media Group’s Newsroom Operations

Graham Media Group (GMG) owns and operates six TV stations in the Midwest, South Texas, and Detroit areas. However, their stations have been operating independently and using different media management solutions. Many of them rely on Nexio for short-term storage, and all have some form of tape archives, but there was no standardized organization, making it difficult to find and retrieve previously aired news stories. GMG has taken on the challenge of improving the situation by standardizing the stations' operations, making content easily searchable and shareable across their stations, and reducing operational costs.
To achieve these goals, GMG transitioned to the Nomad Platform hosted on the AWS Cloud. The objective was to create a central archive of all news stories that all stations can access, with easy search and retrieval features, enabling better sharing of content across all stations.
The powerful capabilities of Amazon Web Services delivered with the Nomad Platform proved to be the ideal solution, with Amazon S3 and Amazon Glacier providing scalable storage, Amazon OpenSearch delivering powerful deep searching capabilities, and the Nomad Platform serving as the main control center for GMG's operational needs.
The move helped GMG reduce costs by reducing on-premises hardware dependencies, long-term tape storage, and on-premises software management, while integrating with the current NRCS systems such as ENPS and INews, playout using GrassValley, and media management with EditShare. This integration did not sacrifice their current investments, and it also created new opportunities for monetizing content.


Newsrooms can easily download assets directly from their central Amazon S3 repository

GMG newsrooms can directly download a news story, either the original or autogenerated proxies, including audio only versions.

Use Filters to Refine Search

Detail views of each news story, including rich metadata, can be reviewed directly in Nomad's integrated player for fast discovery of the exact story. Newsrooms can also perform "Local Restore" which initiates a direct connection with playout systems to retrieve the original file for playout.

Search and Discover Across Entire Library

GMG newsrooms can now use Amazon OpenSearch for near-real time news stories that are being generated at each station, across stations. Powerful AI automatically uncovers hidden detail such as labels and scene information, along with autogenerated transcripts. All searchable using full boolean search capabilities.

Use Filters to Refine Search

GMG newsrooms use Nomad filters to refine their search and discovery across stations, all within the central archive library.

The Nomad Platform Streams the 65th Grammy Awards

Through our work with The Recording Academy in streaming The Grammys, we were able to use the capabilities of AWS products such as Amazon CloudFront, AWS Elemental MediaStore, MediaLive, and MediaConvert, along with our partners’ integrated products such as Bitmovin, to discover new ways of delivering media and entertainment content at scale.

Nomad Media's Event Scheduler
Play Video

Nomad at the Grammys! Audiences had the freedom to switch between a live performance to the red carpet to the backstage press room without missing any of the action. 

Key Platform Features:

High quality video and audio

Seamless real-time live streaming

Interactive multi-player, multi-panel viewer

Custom, secure, and branded web portal

Nomad and the Grammys

            The Recording Academy is an American learned academy of musicians, producers, recording engineers, and other musical professionals. It is famous for the Grammy Awards, which recognize achievements in the music industry of songs and music which are popular worldwide. The Recording Academy is headquartered in Santa Monica, CA and has Chapters throughout the US.

The Grammy Awards is one of the most watched musical events of the year, and The Recording Academy tasked Nomad with delivering a live streaming solution that would meet the demands of this high-profile event. We rose to the challenge, delivering a reliable and seamless streaming experience that showcased the talents of the world’s best musicians.

Partnering with Bitmovin as a player of choice, Nomad’s live streaming solution was designed to provide the Recording Academy with a seamless and reliable way to broadcast the Grammys to a global audience. With its powerful cloud-based content management system and robust live channel management tools, Nomad was able to deliver an outstanding viewing experience to millions of fans.

“We are thrilled with the success of The Grammy Awards and the role that Nomad played in making it all possible,” said Adam Miller, President of Nomad. “Our live streaming solution provided The Recording Academy with a powerful and scalable platform for delivering high-quality video content to viewers all over the world, and we’re proud to have been a part of such a huge and successful event.”

Nomad’s platform provided The Recording Academy with some new opportunities for content distribution. Nomad’s capability for Live to VOD Conversion for immediate video clipping and distribution allowed The Recording Academy to produce tens of thousands of clips throughout the show for their social media channels. This scope of content for the Grammys was not possible before Nomad. This solution also allowed the Grammys’ digital team to go back and easily search through twenty thousand-plus video clips to repurpose or integrate with other videos for new content.

Another key feature The Recording Academy appreciated was instant scalability. So a viewer can watch on their phone or on a 72-inch flatscreen, and the resolution is consistently crisp for each viewer experience.

Being an API, Nomad’s platform easily integrated with The Recording Academy’s programs and applications. This reduced the overall production’s time-to-market from months to just days.

Nomad’s live streaming solution provided The Recording Academy with a range of powerful features, including:

  • Seamless live streaming and video management
  • High-quality video and audio streaming, with multiple camera angles in a multi-panel player to capture all the action
  • Robust analytics, so that The Recording Academy could monitor the performance of the stream in real-time and make adjustments as needed

Nomad’s cutting-edge technology, combined with expertise in live streaming, provided an experience for millions of viewers from around the world to enjoy the 65th Annual Grammy Awards.

Multiple Camera Views at the Same Time
One-Click Navigation to Full Screen

“We are very appreciative of everything Nomad has done for us in the preparation for this year’s events. I’ve expressed to my technical team that the level of support is above and beyond.”

— Ray Starck, VP of Digital Strategy, The Recording Academy

Nomad's Powerful Live Streaming Capabilities

Under the Hood

The Challenge

•On-prem equipment costs

•Scattered silos of live streams and content

•Speed to bring live streams online

•Burdensome video production methods

•Valuable content hidden within assets

•Websites unsuitable for stream and video distribution


•Centralized Cloud-based Live Stream and Content Management

•Enterprise Scalability On- Demand

•AI-Powered Content Discovery and Deep Search

•Integrated Security

•White-label Virtual Experience web portal

•Adobe Creative Suite Integration


•Offload live and video-on-demand support labor and costs

•One interface for all live video management

•Serve audiences with a secure and branded web portal

•Save and distribute any live recording stream

•Discovery and deep search of all usable content

Key Nomad Features


The Live Dashboard of Nomad automatically recognizes new inputs to your AWS account. Channels can be quickly set up for “One Click to Broadcast” control, making transcoding and packaging video for distribution a time-saving task instead of a time-consuming one. With the Live Scheduler, media can be set up to channel playlists and scheduled for distribution.


Live stream to VOD asset conversion is handled automatically within Nomad. Once converted, the Nomad Video Clipper feature makes it easy to clip sections of videos and create new files for future use. The built-in Adobe Creative Suite connector allows Nomad users to search for and utilize their assets directly in their Adobe CS applications.


Automatic transcription and translation functions make your media instantly accessible to international audiences, with dozens of languages and thousands of language pairs available. Nomad also automatically captions videos and selects regional languages for viewers, with options for audiences to select the language of their choice.


Audiences can engage with Nomad’s pre-built Virtual Experience Portal (VEP) to view any live or video-on-demand content made available in channels. VEP is a white-label application which can be customized to the needs of the company and audiences or integrated into existing company sites.

AWS Elemental Link Support

ONE CLICK TO BROADCAST: AWS Elemental Link support is streamlined within the Nomad Platform. The AWS infrastructure setup is simplified in an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that allows for live video transmissions to be set up within minutes. Simply plug-in the AWS Elemental Link device and it shows up automatically in the Nomad dashboard, ready to broadcast. Additional features like multiple-output profiles and automatic saving of the broadcasts for later viewing or editing are out-of-the box with the Nomad Platform.

POWER OF NOMAD: All existing video and content are also available for broadcast. Any video stream (live of recorded) can be transmitted along with the AWS Elemental Link broadcast to create rich live video experiences. Nomad uses Amazon CloudFront and AWS Elemental Media Services to broadcast the streams using the best-in-class streaming capabilities of AWS. As the demand for the streams grow, Nomad scales accordingly.

The Nomad Platform: AWS-Based Solution for the Very Best in Live Streaming Video Management

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