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Nomad CMS Announces Zoom Interoperability with Amazon Web Services

Nomad CMS and Amazon AWS Provide Easy Video Conference Content Discovery, and Automatic Transcription and Translation into 40+ languages.

Nomad CMS today announced Zoom interoperability between its Nomad CMS platform and Amazon Web Services (AWS) Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) services to help Zoom customers easily find content within meeting recordings, and automatically transcribe and translate the recorded meeting into 40+ languages.

Users of video conference services, such as Zoom, are constantly challenged by the need to replay video and audio recordings to access valuable information locked away inside the recorded meeting, which is typically not accessible after the fact.

Nomad’s Zoom connector is designed to bring the full capabilities of AWS AI/ML services to Zoom users, enhancing their ability to search, access, and utilize the knowledge generated and captured in their meetings. Videotext and audio are automatically transcribed and translated for multilingual audiences – more than 40 languages currently. Additionally, searching for topics and keywords within the recordings are automatically discoverable and tagged, and meeting excerpts can be clipped and shared directly within Nomad CMS. Meeting recordings, along with the transcribed content and clips, can then be easily and directly distributed to an organization’s website, or any endpoint. And security is at the core of Nomad CMS – all recordings and associated data are protected and secure via Nomad’s advanced security design.

Nomad CMS is a cloud-native content management platform built on AWS that seamlessly merges cloud-based content and asset management with the power of AI/ML into one unified system. Nomad CMS utilizes AWS services such as Amazon Translate, Amazon Transcribe, Amazon Comprehend, Amazon Rekognition, and Amazon Textract to provide powerful AI-driven transcription, translation, deep content discovery, and metadata enrichment. Publishing to any end-user digital experience is seamless with Nomad CMS. Serverless and scalable, Nomad CMS is deployed within hours and has pre-built integration for a multitude of AWS and 3rd party services and systems. Remote users will also be able to take advantage of features such as interoperability with Adobe Creative Suite, remote in-app video previews and video clipping, and user-friendly cloud-based content management.

Zoom users can now experience the full benefits and power of Nomad CMS. Easily organize video conference meetings, deep search and discover video content, autogenerate multi-language transcriptions and translations, add rich meta-tagging, and much more.

Contact us today at https://nomad-cms.com to request a live demonstration. We’d be happy to showcase the full capabilities of Nomad CMS and real-world examples of AI services in action – all in our production-ready live demo environment.

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