Digital Customer Experience

Providing better customer experiences for the AWS digital environment

The Nomad Platform. Digital Customer Experience in a box.

Nomad’s key product offering, the Nomad Platform, is tailor-made to provide a better customer experience for users of Amazon Web Services (AWS). With the Nomad Platform, users and administrators can leverage the massive power and feature set of AWS through clean, convenient user interfaces.

Our AWS Digital Customer Experience Competency Designation

AWS created the Advertising and Marketing Technology Competency to highlight companies that can deliver improved advertising experiences on the AWS platform.

Nomad has qualified for and was awarded the Advertising and Marketing Technology Competency in the Digital Customer Experience (DCX) category  by AWS.  This Competency certifies that Nomad meets Amazon’s high bar for product excellence in delivering cloud advertising technology to AWS customers.

Industry News

Nomad’s flagship product, the Nomad Platform, is designed to provide a high-value customer experience. Here are some examples of our industry activities around helping customers understand the benefits of a better digital customer experience on AWS and employ the Nomad Platform to realize them for business value.

Key Digital Customer Experience Case Studies

We’ve selected two public case studies to describe how we deliver proven content management expertise to our customers so they can easily and securely manage, discover, enrich, and distribute their media content to a global audience.

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