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Nomad Media's Event Scheduler
Program managers and producers can attest their live programming is wrought with time-intensive labor difficulties and coordination issues that give even the most seasoned broadcast veteran heartburn. Careful advance coordination primarily by manual means adds to the difficulty. If you’re managing multiple channels and series there is a mountain of moving parts. With each moving part it only creates more chances for breakdowns and most critically, loss of your audience’s attention. Which in turn affects ad revenue and your bottom line.

Enter Nomad Media's Event Scheduler - Event Scheduler provides a seamless, intelligent way to manage and automate your upcoming live programming streaming content. Easily facilitate between live and recurring events as you create your entire rundown schedule. Nomad helps you meet the challenge of an expanding audience by expanding your broadcast capabilities. You can dynamically schedule and automate multiple broadcasts on multiple channels which means more potential advertising revenue for your business. Harness the power of automation with your live streams and transform how you manage broadcast production.


A vast array of live programming is now being made available from companies on the Internet. For these organizations, manually coordinating the starting and stopping of live programming and events is labor-intensive and error-prone. Compounding these challenges, the live video source powering the event can often take several minutes to start, and predicting when it will be available is imprecise. This has to be mitigated by starting the live video source ahead of time so it is guaranteed to be running when the live event begins. This also requires careful coordination with any slate video and pre-roll video that just runs before the live event starts in addition to any post-roll video that will be played when the event finishes.
There are a tremendous number of moving parts with a live event including metadata, images, and slate/pre-roll/post-roll videos - ensuring these are all in place and set up correctly for each live event is laborious and fraught with error. Continuity of a live broadcast, ensuring that if a failure occurs the live event continues, is something that needs careful planning and constant monitoring to ensure everything runs smoothly. Organizations are running so much live programming it can be difficult to get a “birdseye view” of all upcoming scheduled daily and weekly content. 

Manually managing the lifecycle of live events laborious and error prone 

Starting the live channel source ahead of the live event requires intricate coordination. 

Managing all live event metadata, images, and slate/pre-roll/post-roll videos can be cumbersome. 

Difficult to get a “birdseye view” of all upcoming scheduled daily and weekly live event programming.  

Continuity of live event broadcast, ensuring that if a failure occurs the live event continues broadcasting. 


With the Nomad Media's Event Scheduler, you completely change your workflow to be easy, dynamic and programmable, which greatly simplifies the management of live programming through an intelligent approach to live event planning. Our platform handles the full lifecycle management of live events, allowing for the automatic starting and stop live events at scheduled times. It ensures the live channel starts ahead of the event start time, so it is running and ready to go at the scheduled start time. It can easily schedule multiple live events defined by one overarching event series to allow for logical management of daily or weekly programs.  The event series can define at one time the live event source, hero & thumbnail  images, metadata, slate video, pre/post roll videos and then use these automatically for every live event – avoiding the need to individually set up each event.
Combine this with the ability to define recurring live events for ongoing live programming that facilitates rapid live programming creation and easy ongoing management.  To handle high availability requirements a second live backup source can be specified for each live event ensuring that the scheduled live event can failover and continue running even in the face of technical challenges. An intuitive dashboard summarizing all live events and series that have been programmed allows for easy management of the overall live event schedule. 


Automatically start and stop live events at scheduled times

Ensures live channel starts ahead of time, so running at live event start time 

Dashboard of live events and series for easy management 

Schedule multiple live events defined by live event series 

Recurring live event scheduling for ongoing live programming 

Backup live source ensures that scheduled live events continue running in the event of a failure 

Key Features

Edit content window with flexible and automated start/stop date & time capabilities

Event schedule custom dashboard

Total management of current, upcoming, series & events 

Edit content series and event window 

Create content schedule 

Common Uses

News Programming
Live Concerts
Sporting Events
Award Show Broadcasts
Conferences & Trade Shows

Content Home Screen

Event Scheduler Dashboard

Edit Content Start/Stop Times

Create Content Series

Event Scheduler Use Case


Lets say you are running production for a live 3-day multiple stage concert festival called “Nomadpalooza.” There are cameras covering each stage with performances going day and night. You have an audience who have paid to watch online but how do you effectively deliver all these shows? Enter Nomad Media’s Event Scheduler. Before the concert even starts the program manager can go through and schedule the concert events beforehand with precise start and end times. Nomad will schedule a recording of multiple shows for a re-broadcast simulcast after the concert. The backup live source feature ensures the live recording continues running In the event of any kind of failures.
The production team does not have to manually manage anything pre, during, or post-concert. They don’t have to worry about being at a certain place at a certain time to push the record button and then be inundated with other technical issues. Nomad Event Scheduler allows the production and broadcast team greater freedom to expand their services before, during, and after the event. 

That’s the power of Nomad Media’s Event Scheduler.

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