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Just as an ordinary CMS provides more user-friendly access to information than navigating the files and folders of your network storage system, the Nomad CMS experience begins with delivering user-friendly navigation and search functions for your S3 storage.

But as an enterprise-class asset management system, Nomad also delivers advanced storage management capabilities. Nomad can automatically scan your assets for their metadata (type of content, subject matter, keywords, etc.) and auto-rename and auto-archive your files in accordance with your desired storage policies. In addition, Nomad uses AI / ML to scan the internal content of your media files and generate custom metadata to greatly enrich your search capabilities.

AI services are known for their value in performing laborious tasks much more quickly and cost-efficiently than the many-hands approach. Nomad accelerates time- and labor-intensive media processes with AWS AI / ML services such as object recognition, transcoding, translation, transcription, distribution and asset management. In addition, Nomad’s effectiveness can be further enhanced by human-augmented recognition and custom object labeling, and its AI capabilities can be easily leveraged through connectors by third-party services.

Nomad’s advanced AI recognition capabilities create metadata for the valuable content (scenes, shots, audio tracks, etc.) inside your media files, effectively rendering them transparent to Nomad's advanced search functions. The advanced search system also uses AI-based labels and wildcards to quickly and accurately identify the detailed subject matter relevant to your current needs.

Nomad automatically catalogs any assets added to your S3 storage and intakes their existing metadata as well, making your move to the cloud a well-managed experience with nothing "misplaced". AI-powered recognition makes those assets transparent for your users’ searches and content retrievals, vastly accelerating the conversion of clips to revenue.

Media hosted in an S3 repository can be directly streamed or served as Video On Demand (VOD) by Amazon’s Cloudfront CDN. Nomad CMS can create custom manifest files to define in-media content clips as usable assets through its UI or via its REST API or web hooks. Nomad features extensible content management behaviors which can be called programmatically or triggered by content rules.

Nomad is a true serverless solution, built to cloud-native standards and installed via CloudFormation scripts to your AWS instance or a SaaS-hosted instance. Nomad can typically be deployed in less than a day.

Nomad has the out-of-the-box ability to translate content from any media track (audio, video, subtitle, etc.) from / to most common languages. Languages are configurable and selectable and can be translated automatically or manually for either incoming or existing media. Translation parameters can be preset and / or controlled via Nomad’s API.

Nomad uses AWS MediaConvert for input and output video conversions and advanced image libraries for image conversions. Nomad supports a large number of image, video and audio formats and accepts custom workflows to automate production processes. Nomad also creates web-optimized image and video proxies for bandwidth-efficient browsing and previewing.

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