Intelligent Programming

Intelligent Programming Solution on AWS

Customers want to provide live viewing experiences on-line and are looking to utilize their existing rich asset libraries to provide a dynamically curated experience.

Intelligent Content with Branko Lepan, Co-founder & CIO, Nomad Media

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The transformation from traditional linear scheduling on TV to personalized viewing experiences on-line has many challenges associated with it. Reproducing the traditional linear TV experience on the Web is not sufficient for many viewers. The expectation, especially from digital natives, is for a compelling, dynamic experience, comparable to the most innovative of video social media sites.

Other challenges that live broadcasters face is that manually programming live schedules is time consuming and costly. They also struggle with how to maximize use of existing rich asset libraries that are tagged and organized into collections with contextual aware labels.


Nomad Intelligent Programming provides tailored content to viewers without having to manually program. This is achieved via Intelligent Playlists that provide dynamically generated content from the customer’s asset library based on a set of search criteria.

To complement this Intelligent Scheduling provides dynamically programmed content that maps to a time-based schedule. This allows for automatically programmed blocks of the schedule whilst interweaving live broadcasts for primetime.


Auto creation of playlists from existing asset library

Time-based schedules built from asset libraries

Live broadcast interwoven with schedule

Common Use Cases

TV Broadcasters

News Organizations

D2C Streaming Services

Live Events

Migration TV->Web

Dynamic themed viewing

Maximizing existing asset
library usage

Common Challenges

Transition from linear scheduling on TV to online

Traditional TV experience on the Web not sufficient

Expect a compelling, dynamic experience online

Manually programming live schedules is time consuming and costly

Utilizing existing rich asset libraries organized into collections with tags

Nomad Solutions

Tailored content without having to manually program

Dynamic viewing based on a set of search criteria

Map content to a timebased schedule

Include live broadcasts with auto curated content in schedule

Nomad Benefits

Migration from traditional linear TV scheduling to online viewing

Power compelling, competitive online experiences

Reduce time consuming and costly manual programming of live schedules

Maximize use of existing libraries of rich content

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