Nomad and On Air Deliver Live Streaming Concerts World Wide using AWS

Technology and entertainment company On Air developed a solution to bring high-quality live streaming concerts to viewers globally using AWS. After launching its initial streaming solution, On Air experienced rapid success and began looking for a more robust solution with the ability to broadcast in different formats. The company contacted AWS Partner Nomad, and together they developed a new, integrated streaming environment built entirely on AWS. Now, On Air has the ability to broadcast concerts in ultrahigh definition, supports multiple languages and currencies, and has achieved an over 60 percent time savings in its media workflows.

Realizing Success through Collaboration

Working alongside Nomad and building on AWS, On Air quickly implemented a solution to support a high-quality live streaming concert experience. The company appreciates the support it received from Nomad in creating this solution, as well as the knowledge about best practices and streamlining processes that Nomad brought to the collaboration. “We really wanted a partnership,” Miller says. “We wanted to be able to take our expertise that we’ve gathered over the years and work with On Air.”

By working with Nomad and its streaming solution, On Air achieved a customized solution much more quickly and cost effectively than it could have done alone or by working with multiple vendors. “We were able to customize Nomad CMS into what we wanted it to be,” says Lamme. “This technology made innovation possible in a big way for us.”

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