NOMAD @ AWS Summit 2022 in San Francisco

AWS SF Summit 2022 - CARD V3

NOMAD has been invited to speak at AWS Summit San Francisco 2022.

Find us at the AWS San Francisco Summit 2022 on April 20th. We will be discussing real world customer examples and successes using AWS Media Services including Link and IVS.

Event Title: Engage your customers with live streaming built on AWS

Event ID: IND201

Using live video to engage your customers is not a new idea, but for many organizations, the specialized expertise required to develop video solutions has been a barrier. AWS gives you access to years of video experience and expertise with purpose-built services, giving any builder the foundation for live video workflows. In this session, learn how social media companies, fitness app developers, live events platforms, and enterprise corporations are using Amazon IVS or AWS Elemental Link and AWS Elemental MediaLive to create innovative live streaming-based applications to engage their audiences.


Session type: Breakout Session

Date: Wednesday, April 20

Tracks: Industry

Time:1 0:30 AM – 11:30 AM

Session level: 200 – Intermediate

Location: Upper Mezzanine, Room 157, Moscone Center South

AWS Services and Solutions: AWS Elemental Link, AWS Elemental MediaLive, Amazon Interactive Video Service

Customer Persona: Developer (Applications/Software), New to the Cloud



Anoop Kumar, Director of Product Partnerships, AWS

Adam Miller, President, Nomad Technologies

Tracy Geist, Head of M&E and Games Industry Marketing, AWS

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