Nomad Partners With Bitmovin For
Industry Leading Video Quality Playback

Nomad has partnered with Bitmovin, the leader in quality playback, to integrate their video player into Nomad’s intuitive cloud-based content and asset management platform. The Bitmovin player ensures delivery of the highest quality of video experience to a larger audience across the most extensive range of devices – everything from connected TVs to tablets and phones.

Maximizing the visual quality of content is extremely important to customers to keep their viewers satisfied with the viewing experience and meeting their expectations. Studies reveal that a third of users leave a stream due to poor streaming quality and up to 25% loss in revenue for video services with average or poor quality experiences. With the explosion of OTT services competing for consumption, it is vital that quality not be a reason for a customer’s audience to churn or tune out. Living in a multi-device world with the explosive increase in customers’ OTT streaming services, the typical OTT viewer accesses content via three different devices and the expectation for quality has never been higher. New devices appear in the market every six months approximately and the device fragmentation will continue to grow and be a challenge.

The Bitmovin player integrated with Nomad delivers stunning streams on every screen, ensuring viewers experience low latency playback and resilient, reliable streaming across all major platforms. Whether viewing occurs on the largest TVs or smallest of phone screens, the video experience is optimized to have the fast load and lowest buffering time.

About the Nomad Platform

Nomad is a cloud-native content management and content distribution platform built on AWS that seamlessly merges cloud-based asset management with the power of AI/ML into one unified easy-to-use system. Backed by the power of AWS Media Services, Nomad can intake and distribute an unlimited number of simultaneous video streams. Nomad also offers live channel management and broadcasting, stream scheduling, DRM support, deep search, interoperability with Adobe Creative Suite and Zoom, and many other advanced features to support video operations.  Serverless and scalable, Nomad is deployable within hours and has pre-built integration for a multitude of AWS and 3rd party services and systems.

About the Bitmovin Player

The leader in quality playback, Bitmovin’s Player ensures delivery of the highest quality of experience to a larger audience across the most extensive range of devices. Through their modular architecture, low latency features, configurable ABR and Stream Lab, it can stream flawlessly while guaranteeing playback quality on any screen.

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