Another Great NAB Show for Nomad Media in the Books!

Yet Another Successful Showing at NAB 2024 in Las Vegas!
The power of Nomad Media and our key technology partners was on full display.

In a gambling town like Las Vegas one can wager how many times the term “Generative AI” was uttered throughout the NAB Show 2024. However, the team at Nomad Media was on hand sharing a deep understanding of Generative AI that translates into solving real business needs with customers. Nomad Media proved they weren’t at the conference to just throw around buzz words but to deliver solutions. Powerful features like Auto Summarization and Auto Clipping truly spoke to attendees and they could see a strong content management partner for their businesses. Nomad Media’s Generative AI tools proved not to be a high tech gamble, but a sure thing. 

At this year’s NAB, the goal for Nomad Media was to create a fun and engaging atmosphere with their booth. Nomad Media was a strong presence and a technology focal point. Visitors loved the style, the design flow, and how it catered to engaging conversations about the product offerings. The theater-like experience allowed for strong demonstrations of the Nomad Media interface, with all its advantages and ease of use. Branko Lepan got in on the fun sporting the burnt orange jacket and stylish shoes. Elvis would be proud. 

The theme at this year’s NAB for Nomad Media was… we play well with others. The Nomad Media platform is an easy integration choice that won’t force customers into changing tools that have already been working for them. Instead those tools can be augmented by Nomad Media’s feature set. Technology platforms have a lot of moving parts. Nomad Media was showing attendees how it takes the worry away from launching new platforms. Nomad Media and our key technology partners handle all the moving parts and orchestrate content management for success. 

“Our message really resonated with NAB attendees,” Co-founder Branko Lepan said. “That message being that our platform’s seamless integration with other technology platforms helps to augment existing workflows for greater system improvements.” 

Plentiful partnerships were on full display for NAB attendees looking for solutions to their business needs. Red5 and Videon plugged directly into one of our monitors to display 4 cameras in a synced livestreaming single solution. Multimodal AI partner, Twelve Labs stopped by to engage attendees looking for new levels of powerful search tools for their video content. 

Spideo, Filmworkz and SAND Technologies also were very engaging and used booth monitors to showcase how well their platforms integrate with the Nomad Media platform for enhanced content solutions. 

Of course, AWS was on hand at their booth, called the “House,” sharing their intuitive cloud-based content management solutions and features. AWS and Nomad Media bridged the gap for many attendees looking for solutions to critical business problems. Nomad Media runs many features on top of AWS’ system which have proven time and again to be an easy setup and a powerful tool for customers. We thank AWS for their partnership and anticipate more great things to come in the future. 

That’s a wrap for NAB 2024 but Nomad Media will still be on the road for more events showcasing solutions in May and June! 

Benefits of Nomad Media Generative AI demonstrated at this year's NAB Show.
Search and Discover Hidden Content  
Save Human Labor Investment  
Faster Workflow Turnarounds  
Get Media to Market Faster – create more content per week, per month, per quarter
Greater Content Monetization 

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