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Who We Are | Nomad

Nomad was born out of the frustration of needing a tool that had yet to exist.

Like true nomads, we searched and scoured through the technology landscape trying to find the perfect content and asset management platform that could handle the volume of our ever-growing content libraries. So many came close, but none of them could do everything we needed.

As media creators, we struggled to find a good way to store, search, manage and distribute our high-volume of images, videos, audio, and documents. We longed for a tool that would give us complete control over our digital assets...and after years of failed expeditions, we discovered that it was up to us to create it.

One night, our founder, Adam, sat down and started writing code. Then, he wrote more code...and after a few hours, he realized he was on to something great. He knew he couldn’t build this platform alone, so slowly he began to recruit a team of the brightest thinkers, dreamers, engineers and coders. What started off as a little bit of code has grown into the game-changing platform we now call Nomad.

For a journey we didn’t plan on taking, we are loving every minute of it.

Nomad is on a mission to deliver a powerful, easy-to-use platform that transforms the way you manage, enrich, discover, and distribute your digital assets.

Artificial Intelligence. Real People.

Our customer support team is available 24/7 to provide you quick and helpful assistance.

Driven by our values.

Our core values guide us in everything we do.


We strive for simplicity in all things:
our product, our processes, and our
overall user-experience, because our
goal is to make your life easier.


We are committed to cultivating
a positive environment where our users
feel 100% supported, encouraged and
equipped to reach their full potential.

Be Innovating,

We have an eagerness to invent and
pioneer, because we believe there is
always room to be faster, smarter
and better.


We tackle tough problems and new
challenges with creativity and optimism.

Platform & People
You Can Trust

We believe trust is earned by supporting one another and keeping our user’s best interests in mind.

Deliver Outstanding

Your success is our success. We work
hard to deliver as much value as
possible to our users.

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