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The portal offers a template-based, easily customizable, visually rich, engaging end user-experience that is intended to speed up an organization’s video-on-demand and live-streaming initiatives. Powered by the Nomad platform and built on Amazon Web Services, the Nomad Content Portal is a powerful, white-box video platform at an affordable cost.


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Mobile Friendly

Supports Multiple File Formats

Advanced Search & Category Features

Alerts and Notifications to notify users of New Videos, Broadcasts and Other Events

Branded Interface

Custom Branded UI/UX

Custom Profile Picture

Custom Banner Image

Custom Color Scheme

Vanity URL

Administrative Features

Administrative Controls & User Permissions

Approve Guest Contributors to Share Videos

Built-In Email/Chat Feature

Analytics & Reporting

Single Sign On (SSO)

Video Management

New Releases and Most Watched Videos Featured

Subtitles & Closed Captioning in Multiple Languages

Organize videos by categories and tagging

Save favorites

Full Player Controls

View videos in-page, full-screen and pop-out

Advanced Broadcast Features

Set-up and Schedule Live Streams and Video Channels

Administrators can set up channels for both live streams and stored videos

Granular Content Search to locate specific scenes, person(s), objects and audio bites

Video Intake and Transcoding, and Digital Rights Management (DRM) services

Amazon CloudFront ‘s World-Class Distribution Network Reaches Audiences Worldwide.

Automatically Record and Store Live Streams in Video Library

Premium Content and Features Available to only Nomad subscribers

A Customer Success Story Case Study

NASA TV Trusts Nomad Media with its Content. So Can You. 

Raw Footage and Deep Asset Recovery

NASA needed a simple browser-based interface to manage and easily discover their raw archive footage that dates back 60+ years, in addition to all new content that will be generated. They wanted to consolidate their media into one centralized system that allowed them to upload and access files remotely and securely.

Customer Challenges:

NASA has a large library of assets that took a considerable amount of effort to access due to the various locations where the raw asset footage was being stored. This includes stand-alone hard-drives and disparate network storage locations. Their transition to a remote workforce increased the technological and logistical barriers to the job functions for their editors.


Customer Needs:

  • Centrally manage assets and associated metadata (tagged content)
  • Automatically perform AI processing on all video assets to uncover rich information inside each asset (transcriptions, face detection, object detection, etc.)
  • Easily search for and discover information that is embedded inside archived videos
  • Easy, secure access for administrators and outside distribution partners
  • Easily add and remove user access based on permission levels
  • Upload/downloading of files in a secure environment
  • Folder creation and assignment
  • Remote editing abilities


Nomad Media’s out-of-the-box features fulfilled virtually all NASA’s goals, and the Nomad Media cloud-based platform made it accessible to all NASA’s users from their remote locations. The Nomad Media Platform was quickly deployed, immediately usable by all in their organization, and seamlessly integrated into their existing production workflow. 

Key solution features included: 

“Finally we can take 60 years of NASA images and footage and manage it all in one place. It’s boggling my mind to think about how easy this is going to be. Just to be able to tag our launches is going to be a game-changer!”​
Ves Bennett
NASA Television Engineer

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