Nomad Media Explorer

Access all of your cloud-hosted assets
from within your Adobe applications

“As a designer, you work in your native Adobe CS environment, but can search deeply into millions of assets stored in the cloud for immediate use through a single click.”

Simplify your Adobe CS experience.

With Adobe CS and Nomad Media Explorer working together, graphic designers and video editing teams can simplify the way they search, edit, and collaborate on their Adobe suite assets. Media creators can easily access their Adobe files directly from Nomad Media Explorer, saving countless hours as well as greatly improving workflow efficiency.

How it works with Nomad:

The Nomad Media Explorer for Adobe CS Suite gives team members access to a single search interface giving them the ability to easily preview, collaborate, make edits in real time, and save. Simply open the Nomad panel inside any of the supported Adobe CS Suite programs - Photoshop CC, InDesign CC, Illustrator CC, Premiere Pro CC, or After Effects CC - and Nomad simplifies the user’s experience. With Nomad, all of your cloud-based Adobe files and assets become immediately searchable and accessible right within the panel. Users can browse files by file name, or even search by the specific metadata and tags brought in by Nomad using the Nomad AI and ML rich tagging capabilities. Users can now freely edit their Adobe content right within their native environment and save it back to the cloud when they are done. For more information on Adobe products:

Permission structure can be specifically assigned to allow approved project members to see what files have posted so that they can easily edit and access within the team.

With Nomad's Adobe CS Suite Integration, users can:

Integrate and utilize cloud assets with Adobe CC applications

Manage security and access controls

Search and access all Adobe files in one click

Make changes on the go

Edit in real time

Share and Preview Adobe files

Bring Adobe projects from the cloud to your workstation

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