Partner Customer Case Study: Mobius Labs

Scaling-up our Nomad Media Platform with advanced AI. Mobius Labs’ Case Study with Nomad Media. Nomad Media will be showcasing our products in collaboration with Mobius Labs at IBC2023 at Booth 5.G04.

Scaling-up our asset management platform with advanced AI functionality from Mobius Labs. A Partner Case Study 


Mobius Labs develops cost-effective and scalable AI metadata solutions for applications, devices, and processes. They are AI experts and enthusiasts who make innovative computer vision technology accessible for everyone. Fast, customizable, and trainable with very little data, Mobius Labs’ AI transforms image and video archives.  

“The partnership between Nomad Media and Mobius Labs ushers in a new Artificial Intelligence era where powerful video and image analysis along with speech to text conversion is the foundation of every content catalogue.”  

Adam Miller  
Co-founder & CEO, Nomad Media 

The Challenge  

Video content libraries are expanding at a rapid pace and there is more and more pressure to understand what is contained in these vast video archives.  

AI search models that are priced per minute can quickly become very expensive for large libraries so Nomad Media was looking for a technology partner that could offer a scalable yet cost-effective solution that could be easily integrated within their platform.  

In addition, we were looking to offer our customers the option of premium AI services including advanced facial recognition and robust, automatic video and image labeling.  


Easy integration of the Mobius Labs SDK through the use of API’s enabled Nomad Media to quickly offer new, advanced AI capabilities within their platform including:  

Automatic Video and Image Labeling 
Analyzing new videos and images with human-like perception and automatically tagging them with precise keywords.  

Instant access to over 6,000 pre-trained, standard concepts  

Recognizing objects, people, concepts and more.  

Face Detection & Celebrity Recognition 
With 11,000 public figures built in, enabling advanced search for specific people and demographics in both videos and images plus the ability to add new people and easily expand the face database as required.  

Segment Detection  
To process videos quickly and efficiently by capturing the best scenes and optimizing workflow efficiencies.  



“The Mobius Labs SDK has enabled Nomad Media to offer our clients the option of premium AI services that truly democratize the use of AI . Now organizations of all sizes can have superior, cost-effective and scalable discovery, deep search and auto curation of content catalogues and programming.  

In addition, this new AI powered catalog foundation will future proof an organization’s content for emerging and innovative new AI services.”  

Adam Miller  
Co-founder & CEO, Nomad Media 

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