Nomad @ IBC Sept. 9-12 – New Products

Nomad will be showcased by Amazon Web Services (AWS) at the IBC Show from September 9 through September 12, 2022 at the RAI Center Amsterdam, Netherlands.

AWS will be demonstrating Nomad in AWS Booth #5.C80, which will be located at the front of Central Hall near the main entrance. In particular we will be showcasing the following:

Nomad Live Control

Mobile optimized console for management of live events and streamline workflow to get live show out to on-demand audience.

  • Pre-define live event configuration.
  • Easy start and stop event broadcast through 1-click user experience.
  • Add segments as broadcast progresses for rapid creation of on-demand clips.

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Nomad On Demand Experience

Pre integrated video site for rapid deployment of on-demand consumer services.

  • World class video experience available “out of the box”.
  • Brandable to incorporate customer logos and colors.
  • Configure to customer’s user experience.

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Intelligent Programming

Provides dynamically curated playlists and schedules tailored to viewers without having to manually program.

  • Dynamic content based on a set of search criteria.
  • Map dynamic content to a time-based schedule.
  • Include live broadcasts with auto curated content in schedule.

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Intelligent Advertising

Provides dynamically curated ad insert markers within a video asset without having to manually create ad markers.

  • AI analysis detects scene transitions as well as contextual moments to insert relevant ad breaks.
  • Assign ads to tag(s) within an asset library, to always associate specific type of ads e.g. dog products with content that has a dog tag.
  • Allows for manual review and override if want to change frequency of inserts, ads are not inserted at correct point in time or if not a correct match with tags.

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Real time video delivery (powered by WebRTC)

Delivering real time live streaming video with the lowest latency possible.

  • High quality live video streams anywhere across the world from broadcaster to subscriber in near-instant, sub-500 milliseconds of round trip latency.
  • Create interactive live streams for mission critical real time web applications delivering command, control and communications.
  • 1-Click Broadcast to easily start and stop the live broadcast with 1-click “easy button”.  Once set up within Nomad, the broadcast stays in sync with the camera and turns on/off without Nomad administrator intervention.
  • Multi-Browser Support with Web Standard certified WebRTC, encode and decode directly in all modern browsers, plugin-free on any device.

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Bitmovin Player Integration

  • Ensures delivery of the highest quality viewing experience to a larger audience across the most extensive range of devices.
  • Multi device capability, stunning streams on every screen, experience low latency playback and resilient, reliable streaming across all major platforms.
  • Instant playback, engage and retain viewers with a player designed to play videos instantly and reduces buffering. Delight viewers with the most performant player in market.

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