State and local government agencies must maintain the delicate balance between budget restrictions and the growing demands for video management platforms. As a result, emergency services personnel in the government sector are tasked with making difficult decisions to demonstrate fiscal responsibility with public tax dollars while delivering much needed emergency services to support public safety.

Balancing the need for expanded and improved video management services, with inevitable budget restrictions, Nomad can assist local governments make difficult resourcing choices. Nomad provides predictable economics and scalability benefits to help government agencies deliver better services within their annual budget and current technology resources. Built on Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud architecture, Nomad has helped dozens of clients make the transition to an efficient and virtualized video management platform, enabling a simple and scalable path to cloud computing within budget constraints.

Mission-critical video coverage for situational awareness requires (near) real-time communication during emergency responses without an administrator needed to launch multiple applications. This is especially important in situations where emergency service team members are busy with critical tasks. Whether first responders are equipped with body cameras or flying a drone over a critical incident area, other emergency service personnel can assess the situation from remote or central command centers and provide information to first responders en route to the scene.

Nomad is the ideal end-to-end, emergency services-grade video management solution for state and local municipalities, providing unprecedented simplicity to users on a highly secure cloud computing platform with the flexibility to scale their environment easily and effectively. Powered by advanced AI technology, Nomad uses an intelligent search engine to mine large volumes of media content to instantaneously discover video clips and audio files on demand. Providing mission-critical logistics support, such as easier aggregation of video content, near-real-time notifications, and precise GPS coordinates, Nomad is easily accessible, highly organized, and simple to use.

Nomad helps state and local governments accelerate video management with AI and advanced technologies. The video management platform of choice built for the AWS cloud – Nomad delivers cost savings and predictable scalability for the most intensive workloads with a simple scalable architecture. The advanced technologies of the Nomad platform provide unlimited availability across multiple jurisdictions to an unlimited number of simultaneous users.

Compiling massive video content created by security cameras, mobile phones, and drones can be time-consuming to first responders and law enforcement. Live video content can be critical when directing emergency personnel, tracking suspects in man-made disasters, and identifying hazardous substances.

Nomad is an out-of-the-box video platform designed to address all state and local government content management needs. An end-to-end video system, Nomad provides the freedom from having to run multiple applications on multiple systems, which eliminates the need for expensive dedicated resources for every application.

Whether state and local agencies capture images, video, or audio, the media must be evidentiary grade that can be downloaded to a central and safe repository. The capture security and integrity of media evidence is vital for it to be admissible in court.

Public Safety agencies and first responders want better operational results without needing to understand technological detail. They don’t want to think about network applications while in the middle of an emergency or critical incident. States and local governments want video management systems that provide real operational benefits.

Nomad delivers a video management platform with real-time GPS location data for vehicles, drones, and personnel, which greatly increases situational awareness and decreases response times. Offering a range of new possibilities of understanding what is happening in the field, across multiple jurisdictions, Nomad provides much needed agency interoperability with the security and cost-efficient required by state and local governments. Whether witnessing a critical incident from the field, in a remote command center, or on a computer at a government office, Nomad gets the critical information into the hands of the people who need it, so their situational awareness is greatly improved.

Nomad, built on AWS, allows public safety agencies to easily manage, stream and analyze their video content and live feeds, securely and cost-effectively. Learn more about Nomad’s Public Safety Video Management platform and request your demo today.

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