Videon EdgeCaster Partnership

​​Nomad has partnered with Videon to integrate their EdgeCaster video compute platform into Nomad’s cloud-based, live-video management solution. EdgeCaster is a comprehensive, fully integrated system combining advanced video processing with highly flexible computing – bringing cloud functionality on-premise in a small form factor.

The sudden shift to remote streaming events due to the pandemic has caught both content providers and event organizers unprepared to deliver live high-quality streaming and video-on-demand services.

The new partnership between the Nomad platform and Videon’s EdgeCaster video compute platform creates a high-performance, low-cost, low-latency solution for professional video services. Simply plug in the EdgeCaster to the Internet and connect your video devices to the HDMI port. Nomad automatically detects and registers the EdgeCaster video compute platform as a new input, allowing you to securely stream live video to your viewers. 

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