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Corporate Streaming:

Making remote workplaces easier to manage

Using video is a common communication practice among many companies. But the current climate of the workforce has pushed many to realize that remote workplaces are not only easier to manage but good for the bottom line.

Some companies were ready for such a change. The sudden shift left others unprepared for the challenges of live and on-demand video. As a result, organizations navigating these issues without outside support. ​

The Nomad Platform provides an easy-to-operate system that captures, manages, and distributes live and video-on-demand streams. Backed by Amazon Web Services, Nomad can handle an unlimited number of simultaneous live and video-on-demand streams. It also offers stream scheduling, asset management, deep search, and many other advanced features to support video production, management, and distribution. ​

​​The Live Dashboard of Nomad automatically recognizes new inputs to your AWS account. Channels can be quickly set up for “One Click to Broadcast” control, making transcoding and packaging video for distribution a time-saving task instead of a time-consuming one.

But with Nomad, you can deliver more.

With our automatic transcription and translation features, your media instantly accessible to international audiences, with dozens of languages and thousands of language pairs available. Nomad also automatically captions videos and selects regional languages for viewers, with options for audiences to select the language of their choice. ​

Nomad’s online Backstage Experience portal allows users to view any live or video-on-demand content made available in channels. Audience engagement is supported with emoji feedback and comments, and Backstage operators can pin comments to highlight popular or important points. Backstage Experience is a white-label application which can be customized to the needs of the company and audiences or integrated into existing company sites. ​

Data is currency. It is often untapped potential at your fingertips.

As we all continue to find our way in this new era of communication, we encourage you to give us a call and schedule a live demo. Let us show you how Nomad can help you navigate and organize your data so that it works for you.

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