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Are you ready to add Nomad into the Adobe Premiere experience?

We’ve been listening to client feedback. The need for graphic designers and video editing teams to access not only access the appropriate file name but the metadata of all of your assets no matter where you are.

If you aren’t overly familiar with extensions in Adobe, the Extension Manager is a software program that works seamlessly with any product in their suite to install, delete and search for both free and paid extensions in the Adobe Marketplace.

Extensions are pieces of software that can be added to any program in the Adobe CS suite. Whether you use InDesign, Dreamweaver, Premiere Pro, Prelude, Flash Professional, or any number of the other programs, the extensions that are available either for free or for purchase in their marketplace, enhances that programs capabilities. For more information on Adobe products:

It’s becomes so much more.

In return, it adds value to your product and to your bottom line.

Because when it comes to streamlining processes, Nomad is ahead of the curve.

We are providing Native Cloud data anywhere in the world with the touch of a button. Better yet. We are providing it with metadata that is revolutionizing how companies do business.

We organize, analyze, and categorize assets regardless of the medium. Then we dynamically generate and manage rich asset data and tags to uncover vibrant, hidden information inside, unlocking new revenue opportunities, and finally, we create and manage rich discovery channels for content delivery and robust user experiences.

On location in Africa but need that file that is sitting back in New York? No problem. Because with the Nomad Adobe Extension all your data now becomes a file explorer where you can pull files directly from the cloud so specifically, that you can search for a sky blue convertible 1957 Chevrolet Nomad (see what we did there) and our extension will return to you every file in your organization’s cloud with that tag. The best part? The designer workflow stays exactly the same.

And we know, the security can be a nightmare, but we are already there. The Nomad platform also includes permission levels and access control rules which will allow you to control your workflow with freelance artists, agencies, and other firms.

We’ve run the numbers. The math makes sense. Data is currency. The efficiencies Nomad can provide for your systems, your team, and your bottom line equals an amazing opportunity for your company to invest in new revenue streams.

Give us a call today to discover how Nomad can put your data to work for you.

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