Zoom Connector

Get more value from your Zoom meetings.

Easily store, edit, search, and distribute your Zoom meeting recordings.

When combined with Nomad, you can get more out of your Zoom video meetings. Connect your Zoom meetings with Nomad to extend collaboration, editing, and distribution capabilities. The Zoom Connector supports Zoom users during the web conference and after, by bringing all of Nomad’s existing features into Zoom.

How it works with Nomad:

Zoom automatically connects to the Nomad interface, drops it in a folder, and fully synchronizes with the data around it giving users the ability to create transcripts of meetings, translate meetings into over 40 languages, and recognize users, audio and images in recordings. The integration also allows users to search through all recorded content to find specific topics, spoken words, or even words that appear on slides presented during the recording.

Nomad also allows users to utilize Nomad editing capabilities including Video Clipper - to quickly and easily edit recordings into short clips for distribution; our built-in translation service which can provide full translation of the audio in up to 40 languages within minutes; and the Adobe Suite Connector to collaborate on projects.

All of these features allow you to connect and collaborate more efficiently when you are not able to meet in person, helping you serve your customers and clients well while maintaining the workflows your employees are already familiar with.
With the Zoom Integration, users can:

Record meeetings

Use Video Clipper to quickly and easily edit recordings into shorter clips

Automatically translate recordings into 40+ languages

Create transcripts of recordings

Maximize the value of your Zoom meetings with Nomad’s powerful search, storage, organization, editing and distribution features.

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