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Houses of worship are facing a wave of new challenges in current times. Many environments are realizing for the first time that remote worship is not as expensive as they thought and much easier to execute. Worshipping remotely not only meets people where they are but reaches a much larger section of the community. But how to bring these organizations online can be daunting. As more churches are brought online, we need to address the long-term storage and retrieval for terabytes and even petabytes of media. So, the question becomes, how do we find ways to store video-on-demand services like YouTube, Facebook Live, or Zoom and create efficient workflows? The solution needs to be secure, easily available and set up for long-term storage and retrieval. But providing an environment that meets all of these needs is proving to be a challenge for many. While online options like YouTube seem convenient and inexpensive, the loss of ownership rights, forced advertisements, and a lack of security and long-term storage makes it less appealing and leaves a void for a better fit. Nomad recognizes these needs and meets them, and then takes them a step beyond.

Why Nomad?

Nomad enables pastors and worship leaders to upload or stream their videos directly into Nomad using their own device or by using our Zoom connector. Your worship service is automatically brought into the Nomad platform, saved into a folder, and fully synchronized with the data around it. Your content is now secure, available to your attenders, and saved for long-term storage and retrieval. But it doesn’t stop there. Now that you are with Nomad, our automatic content intelligence takes over and provides all of our powerful features and services. Nomad identifies objects, people, and places and then tags them for future use. The audio is transcribed and then translated into the language(s) of your choice, providing inclusivity to the needs of your entire audience. All of this with the touch of a button. And there’s more. Use our included searching capability to let your audience find materials on any topic they want, whether it is a particular sermon, chapter, or idea. We also have a built-in closed caption feature that will allow you to run the transcript live for those who are hearing challenged.
Nomad’s powerful platform offers religious organizations or events the following features:

Enterprise scalable, on demand

Native integration with all AWS AI/ML services

Native integration with 3rd party video conference platforms

Native Integration with editing solutions such as Adobe Premiere

Supports unlimited cloud users in a private and secure environment

Asset and folder level security access control

Native integration with AWS Elemental Media Suite for secure video
processing and distribution

“Your content is now secure, available to your attendees to engage
with, and saved for long-term storage, search, and retrieval.”

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