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State and Local governments are beginning to mandate many court proceedings to be live streamed in order to make hearings available to the public, especially when in-person attendance is limited. Nomad Media answered the call for justice and provided an easy-to-use cloud-native media and asset management platform, with live streaming capabilities that can be implemented quickly and simply. 

Use Cases

Customer Success Story | A State Court System Case Study

Nomad Media recently launched a 400-channel state judicial system to livestream courtrooms in less than two months. 

The Challenge

A US State mandated that all courtroom hearings and proceedings be made available to the public via a live-streaming platform.  The mandate was for over 400 courtrooms and needed to be online within a few months of the mandate.  The solution needed to be simple to operate and quick to launch as well as having the flexibility to meet future needs they may have.


“We went through all the scenarios and were able to scale from 0 to 50,000 without a hiccup. It’s invaluable to have that level of scale.”

— Branko Lepan, Co-founder & CIO, Nomad Media


  • Nomad Media provides scalable live-streaming capabilities to a 400-channel state judicial system.
  • Quick and simple implementation.
  • Nomad Media leverages Amazon Interactive Video Service (Amazon IVS) for added flexibility.
  • Customized to connect the judicial branch’s video conferencing solution that allowed users to start and stop live streams with one button click.


  • Quick to launch and easy to use with little to no training for operators.
  • The Platform is built on top of AWS making it very elastic.
  • Easy access to live-streaming, metadata, and tagging w/AI, archiving, transcription, translation, and more.
  • Low latency streaming solution that is elastic based on streams and consumers.
  • Launched in less than two months while accommodating fluctuations

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Organizations like government, education, nonprofit and healthcare are challenged with having overwhelming amounts of data that need to be stored and managed, but often lack the resources needed to manage the process themselves. Due to the sensitive nature of much of their content, high security and extensive privacy settings are especially critical. They need a system that is intuitive, scalable and highly secure in order to meet today’s content management demands and achieve compliance.
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Why Nomad?

Nomad’s modern and innovative platform was purpose built to meet these needs, allowing your organizations and users to be productive, organized, and efficient in their processes. We organize and tag your content for you to make your everyday processes easier, removing the burden from your internal teams. Our robust searching capabilities allow you to quickly and easily find what you are looking for. Our gold-standard security features and privacy settings keep your sensitive content in the right hands.

Nomad's powerful platform offers the Public Sector the following features:

Intuitive user-friendly interface

Scalable to support your current and evolving needs

Powerful privacy settings and security features

Highly customizable to fit your organization

Public Sector compliant

“Our gold-standard security features and privacy settings
keeps your sensitive content in the right hands.”

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