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Organizations like government, education, nonprofit and healthcare are challenged with having overwhelming amounts of data that need to be stored and managed, but often lack the resources needed to manage the process themselves. Due to the sensitive nature of much of their content, high security and extensive privacy settings are especially critical. They need a system that is intuitive, scalable and highly secure in order to meet today’s content management demands and achieve compliance.
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Why Nomad?

Nomad’s modern and innovative platform was purpose built to meet these needs, allowing your organizations and users to be productive, organized, and efficient in their processes. We organize and tag your content for you to make your everyday processes easier, removing the burden from your internal teams. Our robust searching capabilities allow you to quickly and easily find what you are looking for. Our gold-standard security features and privacy settings keep your sensitive content in the right hands.

Nomad's powerful platform offers the Public Sector the following features:

Intuitive user-friendly interface

Scalable to support your current and evolving needs

Powerful privacy settings and security features

Highly customizable to fit your organization

Public Sector compliant

“Our gold-standard security features and privacy settings
keeps your sensitive content in the right hands.”

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