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Modern Newsrooms are facing rapid changes in the media landscape, and the transition to digital-first operations is a crucial step in staying relevant and competitive. By leveraging the benefits of Nomad and cloud technologies, these newsrooms are transforming the way they operate, manage, and deliver news to their audiences.

The Nomad Platform provides media teams with the ability to become more agile, efficient, and relevant in a rapidly evolving media landscape. With Nomad, they can easily search and re-use previously aired news stories, streamline their workflows, manage their content more efficiently, and automatically analyze their news archives. Newsrooms are able to improve their operations with real-time news gathering, remote production and collaboration, data-driven storytelling, and direct integration with their existing Newsroom Computer Systems (NRCS) systems such as ENPS and INews.


Newsrooms face several major challenges in their transformation into digital-first operations including legacy systems, lack of technical skills, resistance to change, funding and budget constraints, data privacy and security, and competition from new media players.
Each newsroom had its own way of managing news content, with varying degrees of on-premises systems, short-term storage solutions, and tape archives. Finding, retrieving, and re-using archived news stories was time-consuming and costly, with no ability to share stories across stations.
Integration Complexity
Scalability and Reliability
Data Management, Compatibility, Migration
Scalability and Reliability
Security Concerns
User Adoption


The cloud is increasingly becoming the preferred platform for hosting these solutions, as it provides the flexibility and scalability that modern newsrooms need to meet their evolving needs. By using Nomad Media’s cloud-based Nomad Platform solution, newsrooms can access their content and systems from anywhere, and scale up or down as needed to meet the demands of their audience.
Nomad Platform users can easily share files via links and make collections of assets which can also be shared. Users can even comment on files and collections. Unlimited users can simultaneously create working samples without altering or locking the original asset. This allows users to share media production tasks safely without concerns about editing conflicts.
This also eliminates the need for on-premises infrastructure, which can be expensive and time-consuming to maintain. Furthermore, integrating the Nomad Platform with existing NRCS (Newsroom Computer Systems) such as iNews and ENPS along with file storage and distribution solutions like EditShare and GrassValley Stratus can bring a multitude of benefits to modern newsrooms.
Improved Search and Retrieval
Improved Asset Management
Improved Collaboration and Teamwork
Lower Costs and Increased ROI
Enhanced Metadata Management and Organization
Access to Advanced Features such as AI
Increased Accessibility
Better Analytics


The Nomad Platform directly integrates with iNews and ENPS along with GrassValley Stratus, and EditShare, which allows modern newsrooms to streamline their workflow, improve their content management and collaboration, enhance scalability, reduce IT costs, and produce and distribute high-quality news content more efficiently and effectively, without having to replace existing investments.

Nomad's prebuilt connectors include:

iNews Connector
ENPS Connector
EditShare Connector
GrassValley Stratus Connector


With the Nomad Platform, modern newsrooms are using AI to uncover information in archive video through methods such as object and scene recognition, video summarization, speech-to-text transcription, and video analytics. By leveraging AI, newsrooms can save time and resources, find information faster, improve the accuracy and efficiency of the newsgathering process, and unlock valuable insights into their video content.
Improved Search and Discovery
Enhanced Metadata Generation
Object and Scene Recognition
Speech-to-Text Transcription


Graham Media Group (GMG) owns and operates six TV stations in the Midwest, South Texas, and Detroit areas. However, their stations have been operating independently and using different media management solutions. Many of them rely on Nexio for short-term storage, and all have some form of tape archives, but there was no standardized organization, making it difficult to find and retrieve previously aired news stories. GMG has taken on the challenge of improving the situation by standardizing the stations' operations, making content easily searchable and shareable across their stations, and reducing operational costs.
To achieve these goals, GMG transitioned to the Nomad Platform and AWS Cloud. The objective was to create a central archive of all news stories that all stations can access, with easy search and retrieval features, enabling better sharing of content across all stations. The move helped GMG reduce costs by reducing on-premises hardware dependencies, long-term tape storage, and on-premises software management, while integrating with the current NRCS systems such as ENPS and INews, playout using GrassValley, and media management with EditShare. This integration did not sacrifice their current investments, and it also created new opportunities for monetizing content.


Search and Discover Across Entire Library

GMG newsrooms can now search for near-real time news stories that are being generated at each station, across stations. Powerful AI automatically uncovers hidden detail such as labels and scene information, along with autogenerated transcripts. All searchable using full boolean search capabilities.

Use Filters to Refine Search

GMG newsrooms uses filters to refine their search and discovery across stations, all within the central archive library.

Newsrooms can easily download assets directly from the central repository

GMG newsrooms can directly download a news story, either the original or autogenerated proxies, including audio only versions.

Use Filters to Refine Search

Detail views of each news story, including rich metadata, can be reviewed directly for fast discovery of the exact story. Newsrooms can also perform "Local Restore" which initiates a direct connection with playout systems to retrieve the original file for playout.

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