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Media industries are facing a wave of new challenges in current times. Demand for content, especially entertainment content, has been steadily trending upward over time, increasing advertising and subscription revenues and creating opportunities to gain market share. Recent peaks in demand are also recording new high marks in the media market, opening up new opportunities for success.​​ Yet providing fresh content for consumption is proving to be a challenge for much of the industry. New works from established producers are few in number, and the replay of existing works quickly loses appeal with viewers. Although new content from indie, niche and micro-producers is surging in volume, quality and compliance issues often make their content risky (or illegal) to use as-delivered.
"We wanted to keep it lean and simple. Using what Nomad Media had already built on AWS was awesome."
Dean DeWulf
Senior Vice President of Music

Why Nomad?

Nomad allows media companies to leverage existing content for fresh viewing experiences, automate media compliance reviews and manage distribution through the cloud. Our cloud-native solution leverages the advanced capabilities of AWS for intelligent recognition, metadata generation and content enrichment and distribution. Nomad is installable within any AWS account and is also available as a SaaS solution.​

Nomad’s powerful platform offers Media & Entertainment companies the following features:

Enterprise scalable, on demand

Native integration with all AWS AI/ML services

Native integration with 3rd party video conference platforms

Native integration with editing solutions such as Adobe Premiere

Supports unlimited cloud users in a private and secure environment 

Asset and folder level security access control

Native integration with AWS Elemental Media Suite for secure video
processing and distribution

 “Easily upload, search, and manage the thousands of media files in your content library and discover new value hidden within your assets.”

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