ENPS Connector

Nomad integrates AP's EnPS News Production Platform

Connecting Associated Press' ENPS news production system to media asset archives and active libraries in cloud-based storage synchronizes news distribution, lowers the retention cost of media, and provides centralized management for organizing and accessing files, assets, and content.


News organizations have vast libraries of media assets stored in on-premise servers that are difficult to synchronize with the need for on-demand customizable content.

Asset consolidation to the cloud is often a great first step to solving this problem, but how do you synchronize those assets with ENPS and connect them to video software such as GV Stratus or EditShare?

News outlets require simple, easy-to-use management tools for organizing, connecting, and synchronizing their content.


The Nomad ENPS Connector enables news outlets to easily synchronize their asset library to ENPS and connect to third-party video systems. Nomad provides full control for asset and content management, deep search, intelligent content discovery, automatic metadata generation, and secure distribution.

Nomad is a cloud-native solution that scales on-demand and leverages the advanced capabilities of AWS services to unlock the full potential of asset libraries with powerful AWS Media and AI-driven technology.


Cloud-based content and asset management

AI-Driven media enrichment

Intelligent discovery and organization of legacy content

Common Use Cases

News outlets with legacy asset libraries

Online news and broadcast providers

Remote production studios

On-premises storage users

Media outlets with disparate storage locations and mediums

Legacy content migration

Common Challenges

On-prem content is not accessible remotely

Minimize costs and operational complexity

Legacy content is not able to be easily accessed or used

Scattered silos of assets and content

Valuable content hidden within assets

Reliable and fast disaster recovery

Nomad Solutions

Seamless migration and asset management

Centralized cloud-based content

Cost effective end-to-end solution

AI-Powered content discovery and deep search

Intelligent content organization

Automatic metadata generation

Integrated security

Nomad Benefits

All-in-one user-friendly interface for all content and asset management

Enterprise scalability and reliability on-demand

Rich discovery and deep search of all content and assets

AI-powered tagging, metadata enrichment, and object recognition

Long-term storage and operational cost savings

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