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Corporations are challenged with finding a way to easily manage their assets and streamline their operations, having large amounts of content that is stored in a variety of legacy systems and disparate storage locations. With so many users working remotely, access to files needs to be fast, secure, and easily searchable. As more companies extend their operations both remotely and globally, they also need a way to securely distribute their content in a variety of languages and formats. And more so, have a unified system that allows users to easily discover important information that is buried deep inside files and videos.
Corporate Content And Digital Asset Management

Why Nomad?

Nomad’s powerful enterprise platform brings all your content together, making your assets easily and securely accessible on demand for any user from any location. Content is easily managed and searchable, and automatically categorized, labeled and enriched with metadata - saving substantial amounts of time in manual operational overhead, and increasing productivity. And most importantly, using AWS AI/ML services, Nomad automatically uncovers the most out of your files and videos by transcribing and translating into 40+ languages; automatically identifying objects, images, and faces within the files and video assets; and extracting and comprehending text and content buried deep inside files and video assets.

Nomad's powerful platform offers Corporations the following features:

Enterprise scalable, on demand

Native integration with all AWS AI/ML services

Native integration with 3rd party video conference platforms

Native integration with editing solutions such as Adobe Premiere

Supports unlimited cloud users in a private and secure environment

Asset and folder level security access control

Native integration with AWS Elemental Media Suite for secure video
processing and distribution

“Access your corporation’s files in a highly secured, controlled and efficient way.”

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