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Large companies today have ever growing libraries of video and image-based content stored in Amazon S3. With that, monthly support costs to store large amounts of content each month can steadily grow, and become cost prohibitive. Most companies only need to directly use a small percentage of their content library on a regular basis, with a large portion of it being legacy content that they only need occasional access to. This is where AWS Glacier and Deep Archiving can be used to substantially reduce costs; however, these features require technical and operational expertise. Nomad can help these companies by providing a simple user-friendly platform that intelligently moves content to archive locations like Glacier, dramatically reducing operational overhead and significantly achieving cost savings
AWS Glacier Archiving with Nomad


Within hours from being turned on, Nomad discovers and identifies all of a company’s S3 content. Proxy versions of each file are automatically generated, enabling companies to easily view, search, and manage all their content and assets using much smaller files; again, achieving cost savings and improved performance. Nomad identifies which legacy files should be moved to Glacier based upon usage analytics, and then moves them automatically. The new Asset Usage Analyst feature identifies which assets are being used along with the frequency of use - which is key in helping users decide what content would be best to archive.

Using the Nomad platform can help to drastically reduce your monthly AWS storage costs to a fraction of what you were previously paying. When you want to bring something out of Glacier, you can preview the smaller sized proxies of content in Nomad’s Asset Manager, allowing you to search and find the specific content you are looking for before performing a costly restore function on unrelated content. With the push of a button, Nomad restores the original file back into S3 when you are ready.

In addition to the huge storage cost-reduction controls using Nomad, companies can also leverage Nomad’s full power and features, which include: AI driven auto-tagging, transcription, translation and captioning of videos; integration with Zoom, Adobe Creative Suite and Media2Cloud; and extensive media management, deep discovery, and robust distribution capabilities.


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