AWS Elemental Link

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Nomad provides a new “One Click to Broadcast” capability that allows AWS Elemental Link customers to easily broadcast live video directly from their cameras, with just a single click.

AWS Elemental Link is a new device that connects a live video source, like a camera, to the cloud for simplified live content transmission. Developers can take this new video input and use it in conjunction with AWS Elemental MediaLive, AWS Elemental MediaStore and Amazon CloudFront to broadcast live video to the Internet resulting in a best-in-class live video solution.
AWS Elemental Link for Nomad

How it works with Nomad:

The new AWS Elemental Link support within the Nomad platform simplifies the AWS infrastructure setup resulting in an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that allows for live video transmissions within minutes. Simply plug-in the device and it shows up automatically in the Nomad dashboard, ready to broadcast. Additional features like multiple-output profiles and automatic saving of the broadcasts for later viewing or editing are out-of-the box.

Nomad takes this convenience one step further by allowing users to access, manage and share the recorded videos with no extra effort. Users can utilize the full capabilities of AWS AI/ML services to see the powerful value of their content.
All of Nomad’s trademark features are automatically put to work in the background. You can access a full transcription of the audio and videotext as well as complete translations to the languages of your choice, with more than 40 languages currently available. Take advantage of the intelligent discovery of your content with Nomad’s automatic recognition of people, places and objects, allowing you to organize your content by simple words to bring searching for and filtering topics an easy task. Video excerpts can be clipped and shared while video recordings, along with all the associated content, can then be easily and directly distributed to an organization’s website, or any endpoint. Security is at the core as all recordings and associated data are protected and secure via Nomad’s advanced security design.

The AWS Elemental Link support enables easy live video broadcasts, but the real power of using the Nomad Platform is that all existing video and image content is also available for broadcast.

Any pictures or other saved videos can be transmitted along with the AWS Elemental Link broadcast to create rich live video experiences. Nomad uses Amazon Cloudfront and AWS Elemental MediaStore to broadcast the streams using the best-in-class streaming capabilities of AWS so that as the demand for the streams grows, Nomad scales exponentially along with it.

With the AWS Elemental Link Integration, users can:

Automatically access video

Securely process video for delivery to viewers across a range of supported devices

Easily broadcast video footage

Upload directly from camera to cloud

Access full transcription of audio and video text

Access complete translation in more than 40 languages

Manage security and access controls

Search and access all files in one click

Format streams for playback

Media storage and optimization

“With the release of AWS Elemental Link and software like Nomad, it is just one click to have you up and running.”

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