Nomad Media @ NAB Show 2023

Nomad Media is exhibiting @ 2023 NAB Show, West Hall Booth W1143D. We are also presenting at Bitmovin Booth W3800, and the main AWS Booth W1701.

Nomad will offer live one-on-one demos at our main booth (#W1143) in the West Hall, as well as partner integration demos with AWS (#W1701) and Bitmovin (#W3800), and will be showcasing the following new products:

Real-time Live Stream delivery powered by WebRTC

Delivering live streaming video with the lowest latency possible.

Nomad On Demand and Live Virtual Experience

Pre-integrated Direct-to-Consumer video and live event sites for rapid deployment of on-demand streaming services.

  • Advertising Technology
  • Personalization Integration
  • World class video experience available “out of the box”
  • Brandable to incorporate customer logos and colors
  • Configure to customer’s user experience

Nomad Live Control

Mobile optimized console for management of live events and streamline workflow to get live show out to on-demand audience.

Newsroom Integration Connectors

Access Newsroom systems iNews, ENPS and synchronize all assets, scripts, metadata to the AWS cloud for archive, discovery and sharing.

  • Easy to use, works like a backup system, runs lights-out
  • No need to buy physical storage to scale
  • Retrieve latest news broadcast content at periodic intervals and save in cloud

Event Auto Schedule

Allows for the setup and configuration of a live event ahead of its start time so that it can automatically begin and end broadcasting at the predetermined time.

Intelligent Programming

Provides dynamically curated playlists and schedules tailored to viewers without having to manually program

  • Dynamic content based on a set of search criteria
  • Map dynamic content to a time-based schedule
  • Include live broadcasts with auto curated content in schedule

Intelligent Advertising

Provides dynamically curated ad insert markers within a video asset without having to manually create ad markers

  • AI analysis detects scene transitions as well as contextual moments to insert relevant ad breaks
  • Assign ads to tag(s) within an asset library, to always associate specific type of ads e.g. dog products with content that has a dog tag
  • Allows for manual review and override if want to change frequency of inserts, ads are not inserted at correct point in time or if not a correct match with tags

Rich Analytics and Reporting

Using Google analytics, Bitmovin Analytics and AWS QuickSight.

FSx Support

Enables specific assets to be transferred from S3 back to the local system on premise.

Adobe Panel

Optimized and streamlined workflows for Nomad asset management within Adobe Creative Cloud.


We look forward to showing you our latest solutions at NAB in Las Vegas. Sign up for a live one-on-one demo!

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