Nomad Presenting at NAB Show 2023

Nomad presenting at NAB 2023
Nomad Presenting at NAB 2023: Reimagining the sports, news, and television experience in the age of TikTok.
Date/Time: Monday, April 17th @ 1:30 PM.
Location: Intelligent Content Innovation Theater, West Hall, Booth W1143.

Join Nomad, an intuitive cloud-based content and asset management platform powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), in partnership with Infinitive, a leading transformation and technology consultancy, for an insightful presentation and demonstration where we will showcase pre-integrated Direct-to-Consumer video and live event streaming solutions for rapid deployment using the latest technologies.

Media content owners and service providers are under relentless pressure to achieve profitability and increase margins for their services, while easily adopting new technologies to achieve their goals. The shift from subscriber growth to profitability presents difficult challenges. Media owners have to maintain a delicate balance between increasing profit margins without increasing subscriber churn, especially with cost-sensitive consumers.

Nomad powers the live and on-demand mobile experience for a highly personalized and curated world, leveraging hyper-targeted advertising for monetization.

Technology Solution Topics:

  • Advertising Technology
  • Personalization Integration
  • Live Channel and VOD Management
  • Event and Schedule Management
  • Asset Management
  • AI Enrichment
  • AVOD, SVOD, FAST Channels

Industry verticals:

  • Sports
  • News
  • Entertainment
  • Education
  • Houses of Worship

See how our solution provides a world class streaming video experience available “out of the box”. Media owners can put all of their premium content (historical and new) into streaming, must-see highlights that their fans can personally define, curate, and engage with whenever they want – all in the palm of their hand. Video and display ad inventory for brand campaigns, cross-sell, and POS purchasing increases content owners’ revenue, all powered by contextual and First Party data targeting.

Nomad Infinitive Personalized Premium Content Streaming

Personalized Premium Content Streaming with Intelligent Ad-Tech Integration

Give your Fans personalized streaming of their favorite highlights and ‘must see’ moments – curated for them, and by them.

  • Increased engagement and fan loyalty with your premium content
  • Revenue growth through high margin ad inventory with brands and partners
  • Re-launch and monetize historical content that is currently archived in storage – earning $0
  • Quickly develop new niche audiences with differentiated content and specialized channels.
  • Build trusted relationships with your fans through personalization and valuable understanding of First Party Data

Nomad will also be showcasing live one-on-one demos at our main booth (#W1143D) in the West Hall, as well as partner integration demos with AWS (#W1701) and Bitmovin (#W3800).

Come join us at NAB 2023!

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