Nomad Partners with Phenix

Nomad Partners with Phenix
Phenix's platform-as-a-service allows Nomad customers to add real-time video streaming without worrying about building out their own video delivery infrastructure.

Phenix Real-Time Solutions and Nomad are pleased to announce their partnership, which simplifies the already-difficult business of building industry-leading interactive video experiences. With Nomad’s intuitive cloud-based content and asset management platform and Phenix’s unique platform-as-a-service to real-time video at scale, adding interactive, live video has never been easier.

This industry-first partnership streamlines everything from content management through video delivery as a managed service, allowing its customers to focus on innovation, user experience and bringing high-quality interactive video experiences to market.

Kyle Bank, COO of Phenix, states: “We love Nomad’s groundbreaking approach and their vision of creating a platform that allows users to focus on the media itself rather than the complexities of the technology behind it. We’re thrilled to be part of an industry-leading ecosystem focused on making it easier for content creators to focus on producing, distributing and monetizing content without having to become technologists in order to so.”

Phenix’s cloud-based infrastructure with autonomic scaling is essential for delivering content in real-time that engages global audiences with interactive experiences at broadcast scale. The elastic nature of Phenix’s architecture provides confidence in scalability without requiring burdensome capital investment or ongoing operating expenses.

With Phenix and Nomad, adding real-time streaming is as easy as creating a real-time channel on Nomad, publishing to that channel, and running an event. The integration includes Phenix’s EdgeAuth library to streamline authentication for every stream that’s published and viewed, including granular control over who’s allowed to publish and who’s allowed to view.

Phenix’s zero-ops architecture automatically detects and corrects faults without requiring human intervention and oversight, while its elastic design and patented dynamic scalability features automatically provision the resources you need based on your actual audience size without requiring big upfront commitments. No capacity planning, no support staff, and no uptime monitoring – zero headaches with real-time video as a service within your Nomad portal.

Nomad Founder and CEO, Adam Miller, says: “We’ve been impressed with how well-designed the Phenix platform is; they’ve clearly taken great care in designing a system that intelligently scales to audiences of all sizes with rapid join rates without buffering, freezing or crashing.

We also love that Phenix’s cloud-based platform is designed as a managed service offering and simplifies deployment for our customers. Best of all, you only pay for what you use, when you use it. it. No need for commitments around max audience sizes and worrying about what happens if the broadcast draws a larger crowd than what you had predicted.”

The ability to deliver streaming video to millions with less than ½ second of end-to-end latency is now available with Phenix Real-Time Solutions in the Nomad platform. With this upgrade, customers can:

  • Add broadcast-quality interactive live video to audiences anywhere in the world from broadcaster to subscriber with sub-500 milliseconds of end-to-end latency.
  • Deliver industry-leading interactive experiences with self-healing infrastructure, autonomic scaling, and synchronized video delivery.
  • Serve broad audiences with a global private fiber network and multi-device support leveraging Web Standard-certified WebRTC that can encode and decode directly in all modern browsers, plugin-free on any laptop, tablet, smartphone, or browser-enabled device.

In contrast to other deployment models, Phenix vastly reduces the planning required to add interactive real-time video to any service or application. Its multi-cloud infrastructure, private fiber and global network with more PoPs than any other video delivery provider brings unmatched resiliency and availability.

Phenix Co-Founder and Chief Software Architect, Dr. Stefan Birrer, elaborates: “We’ve always been dedicated to speed, scale, security and superior viewing experiences. We’re pleased to now offer real time streaming, out of the box, thanks to our partnership with Nomad.

Nomad has done an incredible job with making it easy for their customers to distribute and monetize their media libraries – and now, adding interactivity and real-time live video has never been easier.”

Phenix’s commitment to high-quality viewing experiences to global audiences with industry-leading latency at scale is clear in its patented technology portfolio:

  • Dynamically provisions resources required to withstand the pressure of rapid join rates and flash crowds. The Phenix platform regularly supports join rates in the 10s of thousands per second. No need to commit to audience sizes or max join rates – we’re there when you need us.
  • Delivers superior viewing experience with real-time transcoding for adaptive bitrate streaming that reduces start-up times for new viewers, optimizes switching time between resolution and bitrate layers, and ensures viewers are receiving the absolute highest possible quality based on their network conditions (even when those conditions are rapidly changing).
  • Powers innovative next-gen digital experiences with synchronized viewing across all devices regardless of location or network conditions, thanks to patented SyncWatchTM technology.

About Phenix Real Time Solutions

As the leader in delivering interactive video at scale, Phenix powers innovative digital experiences that drive acquisition, engagement and retention for some of the world’s biggest brands.
Its patented technology is essential for delivering content in real-time that engages audiences with interactive experiences and generates revenue for sportsbooks, sports and gaming properties as well as broadcasters with real-time video streaming to global audiences at broadcast scale.
Trusted with streaming video for world-class events like The Oscars, Cheltenham Festival and the Super Bowl, Phenix brings proven experience delivering video to hundreds of thousands of concurrent viewers for the world’s largest events.

About Nomad

Nomad is a cloud-native content management and content distribution platform built on AWS that seamlessly merges cloud-based asset management with the power of AI/ML into one unified easy-to-use system. Backed by the power of AWS Media Services, Nomad can intake and distribute an unlimited number of simultaneous video streams. Nomad also offers live channel management and broadcasting, stream scheduling, DRM support, deep search, interoperability with Adobe Creative Suite, and many other advanced features to support video operations. Serverless and scalable, Nomad is deployable within hours and has pre-built integration for a multitude of AWS and 3rd party services and systems.


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